Earth and Environmental Science B.S.

Swenson College of Science & Engineering (DCSE) 50UGR UMD-Sci & Eng. Swenson Coll of 201 - Bachelor of Science

Program description

The BS in Earth and Environmental Science is designed for students seeking a multidisciplinary science education and experience focusing on the study of Earth, its environments, natural resources, and human interactions with Earth systems. Students may choose a sub-plan to specialize in Environmental Science, Geology, and/or Hydrology, or take a flexible approach with the General sub-plan. All sub-plans require a broad base of knowledge in the basic sciences and may include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, and statistics.

The BS degree in Earth and Environmental Science can lead to rewarding careers in industry, government, conservation, consulting, law, business, and academia.

Honors requirements: To attain department honors, students must undertake an independent research project and maintain a cumulative overall GPA of 3.00 in all UMD courses. The research can be part of a UROP, directed research, independent study, or an internship with a faculty member. Students must either make a brief oral presentation to the department summarizing their results and produce a research paper (minimum 10 pages) OR give an oral or poster presentation of their research results at a regional or national meeting (e.g., GSA, AGU, ILSG, or similar campus event).

A summer term is only required if the student chooses to use EES 4500 Field Geology to fulfill their Advanced Applications requirement.

Program last updated

Fall 2024