Environmental Education M.E.Ed.

College of Education & Human Service Professions (DCEH) 48DMS Education & Human Service Pro 30K - Master of Environmental Education

Program description

The purpose of the Master of Environmental Education (MEEd) program is to develop advanced practitioners in environmental education (EE) who will take on leadership roles through positions such as EE specialists and directors at nature centers, outdoor and EE centers, natural resource agencies, conservation groups, park and recreation programs, and in P-16 school settings.

A minimum of 31 credits is required for the degree. Two plans are available (each are 31 credits). Students in both plans take coursework in core foundations (underlying theory, program planning and evaluation, Indigenous perspectives, and place-based education), a research methods course, and coursework pertaining to applications and/or teaching strategies. Plan B students take additional research coursework and complete a research project.

Program last updated

Fall 2023