Health Care Management B.B.A.

Labovitz School of Business & Economics (DSBE) 41UGR Labovitz School of Bus & Econ 204 - Bachelor of Business Administration

Program description

The health care management major focuses on the administration, financing, and economics of the health services sector. The program prepares students for careers in health care administration and policy in hospitals, clinics, government agencies, insurance and managed care organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, medical device companies, and consulting agencies.

Students gain an understanding of the many critical issues in health care delivery, such as health care quality assessment and improvement, health information technology applications, health care ethics, compliance with health care regulations, physician contracting and reimbursement, and billing and claims processing. Students learn about health policy and health care reform, such as proposals for universal health insurance coverage and the structure of health care systems outside of the United States.

This professionally-oriented program also emphasizes the competencies required for management careers in business, government, public, or social service organizations. The program prepares students for entering careers with management responsibility by providing breadth and depth of knowledge about organizations, management fundamentals, techniques, processes, and skills, combined with a foundation in the functional areas of accounting, business law, finance, health care management, information systems, marketing, operations, and human resource management.

Program last updated

Fall 2024