Social Work B.S.W.

College of Education & Human Service Professions (DCEH) 48UGR Education & Human Service Pro 253 - Bachelor of Social Work

Program description

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education.

The BSW program prepares students for generalist practice in a variety of human service settings. Graduates undertake a variety of professional social work roles ranging from counselor and case manager to community organizer and advocate. The curriculum has a special focus on services to American Indians and their communities.

Freshman, sophomores, and transfer students may declare a SW major and be admitted to lower division status. Admission to the upper division BSW program is competitive. To be considered, students must be eligible and complete the BSW Application forms and essays. See for more information.

Honors Requirements: Senior students who have a minimum GPA of 3.90 within the social work major and also have an overall GPA minimum of 3.50 may earn department social work honors by doing one of the following: An Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project (UROP) under the supervision of a social work faculty member or passing a 5xxx level Social Work course with a grade of B+ or better. To receive department honors in social work, students need to have satisfied all the requirements of department honors the term prior to graduation. Student eligible for honors are urged to consult with their advisors on how they wish to pursue department honors before the end of their junior year. Students must apply to the social work department to be considered for departmental honors by the UMD deadline to apply for graduation in their final term.

Students who have been previously dismissed from the Social Work program are not eligible to re-apply.

Program last updated

Fall 2024