Finance B.B.A.

Labovitz School of Business & Economics (DSBE) 41UGR Labovitz School of Bus & Econ 204 - Bachelor of Business Administration

Program description

The study of finance revolves around the management of money. This major helps students understand the theoretical financial principles that guide the management of risks, returns, and cash flow. The quantitatively oriented field of finance helps students develop strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Students learn about the time value of money, valuation of financial assets and the relationship between risk and expected return. They also learn about how the three capital markets (equity, bond, and derivatives) operate and the financial assets traded in each of these markets. They learn to analyze financial statements to evaluate the financial health of a firm and the strategies it employs to create value for its shareholders. This professionally-oriented major is designed for students pursuing careers in corporate financial management. This major prepares students for positions in diverse areas such as Internal Auditing, Commercial Lending, Financial/Corporate Analysis, and Planning & Budget Analysis. Students also go into positions such as Bank Examiner/Manager, Commercial Bank/ Financial Planning Manager, and Security Analysis/Portfolio Management.

Program last updated

Fall 2024