Criminology B.A.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (DCLA) 49UGR Col of Arts, Hum & Soc Sci 202 - Bachelor of Arts

Program description

Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behavior. The criminology program focuses on crime as a social phenomenon and the causes of criminal behavior. The major provides an overview of institutions, issues and causes of crime, and social control; it also offers a strong foundation in liberal arts, a basic knowledge of behavioral sciences, and a strong professional growth potential for those pursuing a career in criminology or the criminal justice system. Many criminology majors enter law, law enforcement, corrections, and other social service careers or graduate school.

Honors requirements: The department honors program recognizes majors who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, provides special educational opportunities for such students, and encourages the development of specialty areas within the major. Honors students participate in independent research, working closely with a faculty member. Qualified majors apply to the honors program before the end of the second week of the first semester of their senior year.

Program last updated

Fall 2024